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Hi, I want to escalate newly created bugs for a long-lived encoding issues in PHPStorm.

WI-15795 Wrongly recognized encoding overrides original unchanged text
WI-15794 IDE encrypts files, using the UTF16, if its names contains the trailing underline.

The first one is really annoying for newly imported project or for a projects with mixed encodings.

Every time you should be aware of wrong encodings on the site.
Then you need to revert changes for each of affected files,
correct encoding in PHPStorm settings for its then apply changes again and push to production.

Guys, can you at least pay attention and let me know your thoughts?

-- Oleg

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Hi there,

1. You should NOT rollback changes made by devs (moving ticket between projects: IDEA -> PhpStorm) -- they know better how to organize their own work

2. Regarding WI-15795

  • Do you make any changes to such file and then save .. or open and close (no changes made at all) but file then appears in wrong encoding?
  • What is your "Default settings" are?
  • What encoding is detected by PhpStorm (check status bar) and what encoding should be there instead?
  • Can you provide an example of such file?

3. Regarding WI-15794

  • Can you provide some extra details please: I have tried to create file named meow_.php and wuf_ with such contents (UTF-8 encoding) and both worked fine:

Макарена юю
Macarena .._


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