Javascript debug not show executing line

I have setup javascript debugging for my app in webstorm, and it seems to be faulty, i can set a breakpoint and the program stops at the right place, highlighted in red, also, it correctly shows the variables in the variables pane.

Problem begins when i hit for example “step into” i se the variables changing, but nothing on my sources pane change (the red highlight does not move, i don't know at this point what line is being executed) presumably the next line, but there is no indication, also if the execution (presumably) reaches another file i never see again that new file appear in the source pane.

I have set the debug mappings for all the files for my remote debugging

on a side note there is inside the frames pane (left side of the variables pane) a lot of unkown:(random number here)  entries, also the is a button called show execution point (left side of step over) that does nothing

how to fix this?


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