Indexing drags system down

For some reason, when I make large changes to file structures outside of PHPStorm[version 5 and EAP6] - this can cause PHPStorm to drag when I switch back to it.

As an example, I use submodules in some projects and I find it easier to maintain them through Smartgit.  So if PHPStorm has a project open, and I go and pull a new set of code for the submodule - when I click on PHPStorm to bring it back to the foreground it seems to do a check of the files and then kicks off a re-index and freezes until the re-index is done.

I'm running on Ubuntu version 12.04 with Oracle Java 7 installed.   What's really odd is that it doesn't matter how much time between the file changes and going to PHPStorm - even if I do the update, do some other tasks, and then go to PHPStorm an hour later - the file check is not done until PHPStorm actually gains focus.  I would have expected that through inotify magic PHPStorm would be updated immediately and run it's tasks in the background.


Settings | General | Synchronize files on frame activation -- you can turn it off and do manual sync later when it is more suitable for you (but then you increase your chances of working with invalid/outdated files).


Thanks..  I'm perfectly willing to take the risk since I know when I make updates and if I want to refresh or not.

Often the updates are in directories which I use for reference purposes, so I don't care if their up to date,.


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