From (Textmate|Sublime Text 2) to (IntelliJ|PHPStorm|RubyMine|PyCharm) - bringing (Textmate|Sublime Text 2) functionality into (IntelliJ|PHPStorm|RubyMine|PyCharm)

Hi all,

I am a Textmate user and of course for those use it regularly you know there are some amazing things that it does. And you also know a lot of that power came from the user community that extended it through the flexbile bundle system. I have used PMIP which is an incredible poject (also community driven). You can see more on that here:

But it isn't as integrated due to the current nature of PHPStorm's run-time scritability. Script Monkey is another option but that only works in IntelliJ. One day I'll upgrade to Ultimate I'm sure... but not yet. More info on that here:

The idea is to help contribute to this philosophy if other users want it. One simple example from Textmate is a helper script when writing HTML anchors called the Hyperlink Helper > Wrap Word / Selection as Link. It's a ruby script that takes text, wraps it in a link, does some processing depending on if the selected text was a link or not, adds a placeholder url if not, and if it was a valid url, it reads the title from the linked web page and sets the anchor title to it. Very nice.

There are many, many more.

Go here to vote if that is of interest.

I am also interested in other solutions as well. The main issues are getting access to the editor's selected text, processing that, and updating that. The possibility of expanding the already awesome PHPStorm IDE with easily built and shared community code is too enticing to leave alone. :D



I'd kill just to get some of the Textmate Themes into PHPStorm. And one sorely missed feature in PHPStorm are snippets.

Also I love Textmate keymapping (for PHP). I"ve been meaning to sit down and rearrange the key maps in PHPstorm to get it as close to Textmate as possible.


Since this original post I have in fact upgraded to IntelliJ. Totally worth it. On the OS X with some JVM options it's even very snappy and responsive, especially v12. The updates to Ruby, Python and PHP are very very nice. I am looking forward to future EAP plugins working their way back into IntelliJ. All of that said, it would still be a very big step forward to be able to create custom functionality without having to resort to writing a Java plugin. It'd be even better if it was available across the whole suite of related products and not just in IntelliJ. I added a related post here:


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