webstorm twig

I recently bought webstorm and now i have problems using twig templates. I`m aware of the fact that it`s strongly connected to php language but all I need is to have proper colors only.
It`s feature of standard text editor ;/


Daniel, TWIG is a part of PHP plugin. Support of TWIG is related to PHP support, that is why the TWIG highlighting is not included in WebStorm, it's included only in PhpStorm.


Twig is used by php but It`s not php that`s the reason it should be in webstrom also ;/ . Code highlighting should be available even for php. (shitty notepad++ has it ;/ )


we use templates so that the design team doesnt mess up the business logic side.. so to say twig is only php specific is a bit off course.

it should be in webstorm as well me thinks.. since its just a template like html.

(im a phpstorm user so it doesnt impact me, just thought it wierd that it isnt in webstorm already)


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