Pop-up windows not popping up anomaly

Hello everyone,

[context: Linux using KDE]

ls it a known problem, that sometimes pop-up windows does not pop-up? These include anything including Ctrl-R Recent files window, Ctrl-Alt-J Surround with... or the worst case: Ctrl-Tab popup. The last case is the most serious, because I use it so much, and the longer I use the Jetbrains application, the higher the miss rate I get (i.e. you push Ctrl-tab, and see no pop-up. But if you release Ctrl, tab is correctly switched to most recently used). Other times, I get my pop-up correctly visible.

I tried researching the problem many times before, but I cannot come up with the right keywords to describe the anomaly I am facing with.

Additional information: problem persists in all versions including 32 and 64 bit, accross Jetbrains applications altogether. I use -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd to mitigate non antialiased fonts issue, but this setting does not affect the anomaly.

I'm almost desperately seeking help on this issue.

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