snippet how does it work ?

Does snippet editor let us store /call css , php/html, javascript  code in one place .
Is there a way to call a snippet and choose which code we want to paste around or inside default code (a) as  css,   javascript or CMS ( php with specific CMS variable function) code , php , html code,raster image (b) ?

for example some menu implementation need  to use
  a) 4 raster image wich include or not  borders and content background . So use a snippet must copy code but also images files that ll be change in a raster tool .
  b) 4 html code ( div) around defaut html/php code content   ( one div for each image)

How phpstorm manage code content ( css php javascript html ) and images when using a snippet ?


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I'm afraid I didn't get the idea. Could you please bring up an example of the code you want to generate via snippet?



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