scss _partials - using mixins and variables from other files

Lets say you have an application.scss that @imports partials that define $variables and mixins.

When editing those _partial.scss files Webstorm doesn't seem to recognize that they need to use things referenced in other partials.

Is there away to fix that?

Example application.scss:

@import "master";

@import "reset";

// Import shared classes

@import "common_styles";

@import "forms";

// Import features

@import "features/filmstrip";

@import "features/paper";

@import "features/pulp";

@import "features/slider";

@import "features/tables";

Inside featuers/filmstrip.scss:

.filmstrip {

    $slide_width: 85px;

    @include linear-gradient( darken($brand_lightblue_alt, 10) 0%, $brand_lightblue_alt 100%, darken($brand_lightblue_alt, 20));

    border-bottom: 2px solid darken($brand_lightblue_alt, 15);

    height: 85px;

    position: relative;

    z-index: 12;


linear-gradient and $brand_lightblue_alt are marked as not defined but they are defined in another scss file.

If I edit this same code from within the application.scss file everything works fine but then we can't split our content into mutliple files.

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