Installing PhpStorm on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

having just moved from a Windows environment to Ubuntu, I thought it might assist other users if I posted how I achieved my PhpStorm installation on my new Ubuntu system

I already had Nautilus installed - you may want to install that first (via Ubuntu Software Center)

  1. make sure you have the Oracle JDK installed - I used instructions here to install it
  2. download the Linux PhpStorm distribution - it will be in /home/<username>/Downloads
  3. unpack the archive
  4. press "Alt+F2" and type "gksu nautilus" to open an elevated file browser (you will be asked for a password to confirm this operation)
  5. navigate to your Downloads folder and copy the PhpStorm-* directory
  6. navigate to /usr/local/ and paste the copied folder
  7. create a link to the new folder, rename the link phpStorm
  8. you should now be able to access your PhpStorm installation by opening /usr/local/phpStorm/bin/

In order to switch from one version to another, all you should need to do now is change the destination folder of the link you created in step 7
follow the steps below :)

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To add a Launcher to your Desktop, make sure you have gnome-panel installed (via Ubuntu Software Center)

Open a Terminal and type:

gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop/ --create-new

add the following data to the form that pops up:

Name: PhpStorm
Description: PhpStorm Launcher
Command: Exec=/usr/local/PhpStorm-xxx.yyy/bin/
where xxx.yyy is the PhpStorm version number

now click the Icon (on the left) and set the path to
Click "close" to exit the editor.

now you just need to update xxx.yyy in the shorcut properties to switch between versions :)


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