JS debugger is not working

Hi there,  :)

I'm having a problem with the js debugger and is that is not working at all....

i just created a new "Javascript debug" -> remote
when i choose  firefox like the browser,   it open the browser but it stay on the home page, in the debugger tab there is just a message "waiting for connection" and after a while i get  "cannot connect to null, the maximun number of connection attempts exceeded",
and when i try with chrome, the page get load,  then i introduce the url of the script, but nothing else happen...   in the debugger tab it says "connected to jetbrains Chrome Extension"  but on the scripts tab, is  "no scripts loaded by chrome" and none of the breakpoints works...

and i don't know where is the problem.

I'm using
-ubuntu 12.10
-last version chrome and firefox

i hope someone can help me :)

thx in advance.

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