Managing inspection profiles

I so don't get the Inspections pane in project settings.

This pane does not seem to do what is described.

I get double entries in the pop-up list, there are always 2 profiles selected; they have one of 2 different icons I don't understand (unrelated to the profile being shared or not), changes "disappear", "copy" generates a profile that is not the same as the original, but rather a default, ...

It's probably me, and I need some guidance. Can somebody please explain the logic?

I am trying to create a "general base profile", that can be exported, so that many people can start from it.

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One step further: an export of a heavily changed inspection profile turns out to look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inspections version="1.0" is_locked="false">
  <option name="myName" value="ppwcode" />
  <option name="myLocal" value="true" />

As you can see, there is nothing in this file!

I don't get it ...
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Yea, sounds like something is broken. What version of PHPStorm / Webstorm are you using?

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WebStorm 5.0.4
Build #WS-121.390

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I would try removing and allowing PHPStorm to re-create your .webIde50 folder (in your home / user directory) to see if that resolves it and if so, then work from that point to see if something is corrupt. If I export a modified Profile, mine shows all of the changes. I don't have duplicates and copies are exactly that.


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