Getting started with HAML

I'm a complete noob with WebStorm, trying it out for a potential switch from Visual Studio. At the same time, I'm trying out HAML (probably a bad idea to try 2 new things at once).

Is there any information out there on how to get started with HAML in WebStorm? I can see that HAML is apparently supported, and I have created a test HAML file, but now what?

I would like to create a static website in HAML, then compile it to HTML. Is that possible or unpossible?


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A week later, I'm a bit more familiar with WebStorm and I don't think it has any built-in tools for HAML compilation.
FWIW I later found Jade to be better than HAML, and then I adopted Angular and don't seem to have a need for a view engine anymore =)


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