git push (to GitHub) causing unbreakable process

Hey there,

I'm relatively new to using PHPStorm (actually just evaluating it now) and I'm having problems pushing changes to a remote repository (at GitHub).

Commiting works just fine, but as soon as the process comes to pushing the changes, it just stays in that process without any chance of breaking out of it. I always have to kill the whole PHPStorm process before I can work again.

The commit itself is done, just the pushing part doesn't work.

Is this an issue with my git configuration? I also don't get any requests for the SSH Passphrase I'd have to enter when accessing GitHub as I normally do.

How can I make this work?

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Hello Apo,

Are you able to push changes from the command line?

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If you mean my system's shell, yes. I didn't test the one integrated in PHPStorm though, but I'll do that tonight.

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Hello Apo,

Do you use SSH or HTTP(S) to connect to the Git remote? (you may verify the remote url in the .git/config file)
1. If you use HTTP(S), you'd like to switch to SSH, since IDEA doesn't support HTTP authorization for Git yet:
2. If you use SSH, please check Settings -> Version Control -> VCSs -> Git -> SSH executable.
    Do you use "IDEA SSH" or "Native"?
    If you've got "Native", passphrases are not supported yet as well:

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But it should not last infinitely

Actually I have same problem:
OS: Windows 7, PHPStorm 5.0.4
Using Native SSH

Using ssh keys with pageant. With tortoisegit I have no problems - push, pull it works normal. With phpstorm I get unbreakable process

Can I write more info to detect problem more quickly?


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