How to debug JavaScript in WebStorm 5?

When I set the configuration as the said, my WebStorm didn't hit the breakpoint which I set in the JS code.Here is the screen shots that captured from my test project.
This is my JS code with breakpoints:
This is the debug console information:
The FireFox just show and my JS code had run completed. I'm sure that I had installed the JetBrains Firefox extension and enabled it:
Is there something wrong when I configured the WebStorm IDE? Or the JetBrains Plugin didn't support the latest version of Firefox browser, my Firefox version is 17.0.

If someone can give me answers userful, I'll appreciate about this, thank you! (^_^)

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Check your path mapping, make sure the .js file is specified to match a server path with a local one. Be careful to match the domain name portion of the URL exactly, that was a gotcha I found.


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