LiveEdit automatic uploads

I have a project with two files:

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <script src="Test.js"></script>
     <div onclick="f()">Live working</div>


function f(){      alert('Not live'); }

The default deployment server is on a mapped network drive and it is configured properly (Live Edit sort of works). In order to start the Live Edit session i open the HTML file and click View | Preview File in ... | Firefox

When i am editing the HTML file, things are going as expected, PhpStorm makes a lot of uploads to the default server and every change is visible real time in Firefox. However, when i am editing the JS file, PhpStorm only uploads the file when it loses focus, not while i am typing and the changes are not visible in the browser even after the file was uploaded (either manually or automatically on frame deactivation). If i go back to the HTML file and change anything, the changes in the JS file are now in visible in the browser as well.

As a side-note, this behavior appears with CSS files as well and in Chrome.

My question is: am i doing something wrong, or is there a bug in the Live Edit code that prevents it from forwarding changes on files that have not been explicitly opened in the browser from PhpStorm?

PS: I am using the EAP build 122.864 of PhpStorm (6)

PSS: Another thing i noticed which is very odd is this:
The Chrome extension seems to insert the changes into all the open tabs from the local network, leaving a mix of the original content and the changes i made to the Test.html file in PhpStorm. I am begining to think i should file a bug report, because i doubt there is something i could be doing to generate that behavior.

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1) Firefox is not supported.
2) "seems to insert the changes into all the open tabs from the local network" See

JS hot swap works only in Google Chrome.
CSS hot swap must wroks in Chrome, could you attach test example if it is not working?

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CSS hot swap does indeed work in Chrome. I haven't managed to make JS hot swap work and the lack of feedback from the plugin just makes it very difficult to use and even know if it's working. Perhaps you could add some easy stuff like a button to install the extension on a browser (LiveEdit just wouldn't work until i installed it manually), some visual indicator in PhpStorm that the file edits are being pushed into the browser, etc.

All in all, great job with the plugin, i hope it will be a bit more useable in the future :). I also eagerly await the fixes for the two issues you mentioned.


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