PHPStorm 4.0.1 with Github mac_GitHub for Mac 1.2.7

Ok, this is driving me crazy.

I have GitHub installed and I have cloned a GitHub project from the server to my local system.  I try to enabe the project for Git and I get the error "Can't start Git: github  Probably the path to Git executable is not valid.", but, the gui launces if I set the path to "/Applications/"

If I runt the text button, the GUI launces, but the test fails with: "Couldn't identify the version of Git - stopped by timeout."

Assistance is greatly appreciated.



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Answer to my own question :)  I hope this helps someone else too!

I was trying to set up Git integration with PHPStorm on my MAC and was really hitting the wall.

5 things I did that made my environment work:

1) GitHub and "Git" are two different "animals".  You will want to be sure Git is installed.  More help on that can be found here: or, in my point two, if you choose that, you are covered as well.  (Same thing only different? *smile*  I believe that is the same installer the Google link points to.)

2) Be sure to use the installer from the google location for MAC.  You want to use the dmg installer, not just the zip file from github, copying the app file to your Applications folder.  USE THE INSTALLER :)

3) Use the install command line unility in the GitHub GUI

4) Update your .bash_profile (or your .profile if you use that) to include the path to "Git", - not GitHub  On my system it was /usr/local/git/bin

5) Inside PHPStorm, use the same full path to git as the location for the executable.

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It's true.  You have to make sure you've already installed the git scm from Git, not just the installer from Github.
Go here to get it:


Then, if you're on Windows find the "git.exe" file inside the bin folder.  So for me, it was in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe

Then, you should be able to verify that it's working by using the Test button.

Hope this helps someone!

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