Switch behaviour (Ctrl + Tab)

Hy there,

I'm pretty new to WebStorm/PhpStorm and just discovered an (at least to me) unusual behaviour:

In short I'm not able to navigate through all open files/tabs by pressing Ctrl+Tab multiple times. Let me explain this a little more detailed with an example:

  • I'm currently working in Main.js
  • The file i was most recently working in is Messaging.js
  • Press Ctrl+Tab: The switcher screen appears as seen above
  • I'd expect the IDE to switch to the recently used file (Messaging.js) if I release Ctrl+Tab right now (not the next one in the list!)
    That's exactly what happens. So far I'm happy ;)
  • Here's the problem:
    I'd expect the IDE to be able to navigate through all other open files/tabs by pressing the tab-key multiple times as long as the switcher-dialog is open (and the alt-key is still pressed).
  • Unfortunately this is not possible. I'd have to use the mouse or the cursors to navigate inside the switcher-dialog which feels pretty cumbersome to me.

    Is this default behaviour by the IDE or did i discover a bug? Because of the fact that the expected behaviour is pretty much standard in most windows and non-windows applications (Alt+Tab in Windows itself, Ctrl+Tab in Firefox, Chrome, Visual Studio, Eclipse, ...) I'm a little surprised that JetBrains handles this differently.

    I'd really love some feetback on this and am going to fill a feature request if no one responds here.

    1 more things:

    • I already discovered the TabSwitch-Plugin which does not open the  recently used file after pressing Ctrl+Tab once but opens  the next one in the list and additionaly it doesn't show the other tabs (like  Project, Favorites, Database, ...) at all. Therefore this doesn't seem like a real  alternative to me.



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    Hi there,

    Works fine here in both PhpStorm v5.0.4 and v6 EAP on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

    You press Ctrl+Tab, Keep Ctrl pressed (and not Alt, as you have said) and press Tab again -- it will select another entry in the list -- exactly the same how Alt+Tab works in Windows itself (just Ctrl instead of Alt).

    If that does not work for you (for whatever reason -- maybe try default keymap, in case there are conflicts, don't know..) then you can still use Alt+Left/Right to navigate between opened editor tabs (obviously, it will work when Editor is active/has focus).

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    Hm, then it seems like a bug. Doesn't work with default keymap neither.
    I'm going to check if this is working on my private notebook or if i can reproduce it somehow and fill a bug report later.

    Thanks for the info

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    What OS, PhpStorm version and Look and Feel (LAF) are you using? Try another LAF (Settings | Appearance).

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    OS: Windows 7, 64 Bit, SP1
    PhpStorm 5.0.4

    It doesn't matter which L&F i use. Tried all of them with no difference...

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    Hmm, somehow, mysteriously the problem disappeared over night... Right now the switcher is working as I would have expected it right from the start.
    The only changes that I'm aware of are the installation of an plugin (AceJump) and chaging 1 or 2 keymaps (can't recall exactly which ones and with which values).

    Unfortunately I don't know if the feature was working today right from the beginning or if it started working after e.g. installing the plugin...

    Thanks for the help nevertheless!

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    After upgraded my Debian laptop to buster/sid, I have experienced this kind of issue, where I cannot do it at getting keys released. Before upgrading, I could switch files at getting keys released. I use ctrl+tab keys for the switcher function by default. Anyway, I use the  testing version of Debian, and it might be a cause.

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    Jumeno, do I understand your scenario correctly, releasing "Ctrl" on "Ctrl+Tab" does not select the file and switcher stays here?

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    I experienced the same issue on Fedora 33. In my case, this was due to the remapping of the Caps Lock key in gnome. It seems that the option `Keyboard & Mouse > Additional layout options > Caps Locks behavior > Caps Lock is also a Ctrl` caused the issue.


    - set the option to `Disabled`

    - set `Ctrl position` to `Caps Lock as Ctrl` in the same menu to get the same effect without impacting Intellij's switcher behavior



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