Why other projects' sites are showing under deployment?


I've noticed that hosts that I add to one project they still show up under other projects and not sure why. Example.

1. Create a project.
2. Go under Settings > Deployment and specify one or more host/server. Since 'deployment' is under "Project Settings' these added servers/hosts should only be available for the current project - so I thought.
3. But now, create another, new project. Now, when you go under Settings > Deployment, the servers I added in the other project are still visible in the current project. Shouldn't they only be visible for the current project only (since these setting are per project and not per IDE)?

Just curious...


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Hi there,

That's how it is done in IDEA platform -- all deployment entries are kind of shared (stored on IDE-wide level). This allows to have one server defined once (Connection tab) and then re-used by multiple projects (Mappings and other tabs) if required.

Data from 1st tab (Connection) is stored together with other IDE-wise settings while all other tabs (Mappings etc) are stored together with actual project settings.

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Thanks for the info!


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