WebStorm to InteliJ Idea migration: any pitfalls?

I just wanted to ask you 2 questions:

1) Is Webstorm a *compete subset* of InteliJ Idea ("Is it just Idea with some features disabled?")

2) Does migration from Webstorm to Idea work good (easy, bugless, crashless), and does it keep ALL my  settings Webstorm settings?

Just wanted to triple check it works fine before my migration to Idea...

I have googled, but would like to ask again: Have you own experience of migraiton? Does Intellij support and hard-test that migration?

Thank you for your attention! =))

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1) Kind of. WebStorm is individual product based on IDEA platform aimed for HTML/CSS/JavaScript related development and has simplified project creation (as simple as "Open that directiory for me"). IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate has all the functionality of WebStorm (in terms of supported technologies) and more.

2) Try it yourself -- it takes only few minutes.

  • Download and install trial version of IntelliJ IDEA
  • Backup your project (at very least -- project configuration -- the .idea subfolder)
  • Open it in IntelliJ IDEA and see how it feels

I understand that #2 is not the best answer by any mean, but 1) it should work fine as project structure is compatible (at very least can easily be read by IntelliJ) and 2) personal experience/impression is always better than somebody else's -- that somebody else may not check the functionality that you required.


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