change the editor tab names? possible. instead of include.php something else.

Im working on a very modular system.

Each module has the bulk of the code in 2 files 'index.php' and 'include.php'.

so in one module I will be working on 'jrVideos'  the files i will have open are:

then another module open at the same time, 'jrAudio'

open a few more modules too with the same structure and the tabs bar along the top of the editor shows:
include.php | include.php | index.php | include.php | include.php | index.php | index.php  | include.php | etc.......

not very informative.

Is there a way to change the output of the labeling of the tabs to include the module prefix perhaps
jrAudio->includ... | jrVideo->inclu... | jrEmbed->inde.... | etc.

Right now I have to click, oops, click, oops.....
or go to the project pane.

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1) Settings > type in "show directory in tabs", check box.
2) there is a quite configurable 3rd party plugin exacty for that.

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Nice! :)

Thanks Alexey.  That checkbox does the trick.

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The aforementioned plugin, Tabdir -- try it, it may suit you better than built-in functionality (as it has better customization):

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yup, found it already.  and yes, i do like that format better.

[jrVideo] include.php | [jrSoundCl] include.php |

Cheers Andriy


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