change the editor tab names? possible. instead of include.php something else.

Im working on a very modular system.

Each module has the bulk of the code in 2 files 'index.php' and 'include.php'.

so in one module I will be working on 'jrVideos'  the files i will have open are:

then another module open at the same time, 'jrAudio'

open a few more modules too with the same structure and the tabs bar along the top of the editor shows:
include.php | include.php | index.php | include.php | include.php | index.php | index.php  | include.php | etc.......

not very informative.

Is there a way to change the output of the labeling of the tabs to include the module prefix perhaps
jrAudio->includ... | jrVideo->inclu... | jrEmbed->inde.... | etc.

Right now I have to click, oops, click, oops.....
or go to the project pane.

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1) Settings > type in "show directory in tabs", check box.
2) there is a quite configurable 3rd party plugin exacty for that.

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Nice! :)

Thanks Alexey.  That checkbox does the trick.

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The aforementioned plugin, Tabdir -- try it, it may suit you better than built-in functionality (as it has better customization):

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yup, found it already.  and yes, i do like that format better.

[jrVideo] include.php | [jrSoundCl] include.php |

Cheers Andriy

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Today's update of phpstorm broke Tabdir :(

"Plugin Error: Plugin "Tabdir" is incompatible (marked as broken)."

It hasn't been updated since 2012 so am worried it may be gone for ever. 

There is some similar built-in functionality found at "Show Directory for non-uinque file names"

But it will only offer the same functionality as tabdir did if two files of the same name are open in the editor at the same time which does not help me.


Hoping there is an alternative that still works with todays changes.


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