Cannot get remote JS debugging to work

I have followed the instructions in setting up the remote mappings for a backbone project I'm working on.  I made sure the local and remote projects are identical, and set a breakpoint in a local .js file, but it will not break.  I added a console.log message just before the breakpoint and it shows up but the breakpoint does not work.

The breakpoint is set to "Suspend" in the breakpoints list.

I have tried both Chrome and Firefox.

I am using 5.0.4

If I try to debug the index.html file, that one will work but nothing in the referenced .js files.

How can I get this to work?


You've gotta be kidding. Nobody knows how to do remote debugging with this thing?


Hi there,

You've gotta be kidding. Nobody knows how to do remote debugging with this thing?

If you look at other topics activity you may notice that there are not many people visiting this forum, especially over weekend (when everyone, including devs, having days off).

In any case -- try this manual in case you have not seen it yet:

I do not know.


Have you set up mapping in Remote JS Debug run configuration (not only dir to dir, but file to file too)?


Yes, I had done so, though not for every file, just the ones I wanted to debug.

However, I found the answer. The server name+domain has to be exactly the same as in the URL to open field.  i.e. "server.local" and "server" on two different mappings will silently fail debugging, even if both resolve to the same address.  This sounds like a bug to me.


Are there any chanses to use remote JS debugging feature in case when it's not possible to specify remote url for JS file?
In my application all the URL looks like http://myproject:8888/index.php?module=MyModule&action=DetailView&record=<long_UUID_here> . Moreover my JS code is actually injected into main page HTML code through some PHP logic.


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