How to insert relative paths for HREF, SRC, etc?

     I like that autocomplete allows you to select anything from the project folder if you press CTRL-Space twice, but this always inserts an absolute path based on the project root.  I'd like to insert a path relative to the file I'm editing (for IMG, SCRIPT, LINK and other elements).

Copy Reference and pasting from the Project does something similar, it always pastes an absolute path (itself relative to the project root, e.g. /common/version3/html/exit_2.html, where I may want ../../../common/version3/html/exit_2.html)

Is this possible, and if so, how?

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Hmm .. have you tried typing "../" and then invoking completion? Works fine here with <a> and <img> tags (have not tested other).

RE: Copy Reference -- yes, it's relative to the project/content root only.


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