Support for built-in team chat within the IDE?


Is there a team chat feature in PhpStorm IDE? I think it could add a lot to the IDE if it had one. Imagine the usefulness:

- The ability to send and receive messages between the team (communication).
- The ability to send links to classes and methods that upon clicked takes you to there in the IDE.
- Copy and pasting code in the chat.
- Code in the chat could be syntax highlighted and formatted unlike what you see in nowadays' IM softwares.
- Buzzing, asking for help, planning, etc.
- Notifying developers to pull changesets, come to a meeting, etc.

I think a chat would be a great addition to PhpStorm. What do you think?

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Well, we don't need to imagine anyting - we do have such a plugin since 2005 I think - it called IdeTalk.
Actually not very popular.
Its not included into PhpStorm and we don't plan to bundle it. Probably we can make it downloadable plugin... You may file a feature request into tracker.

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Is there an outstanding feature request for this to be offered as a plugin?


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