Code inspection indicator bar stopped working

Code inspection is working *except* the most important part: the color indicators are gone in the right side bar. This happened in PhpStorm v4. Upgraded in case that was a quick fix but it still doesn't work in PhpStorm v5.

In this screenshot, sometimes there is an eye icon in the box at the top, but then it disappears and never marks anything. The preferences concerning inspection are turned on. It works working correctly and slowly became less reliable. Then in the past couple weeks hasn't been working at all.

Anyone seen this before?

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Hi eric,

Please show screenshot of your PhpStorm's status bar. Quite likely you have turned inspections off for those files (check Inspector guy icon in status bar).

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I figured out the problem.

It was a color scheme I'd downloaded. Apparently the colors for these indications were not defined or defined wrong, and so they didn't show up. So, I'll be sticking with the schemes that shipped with the product.


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