Cannot click everywhere in code

Weird problem, which is hard to describe and hence hard to find a solution/setting for (if there is one).

Depending on where my cursor is in the code, I cannot click on certain parts of other code to change the position of my cursor.
Realy weird, because it will allow me to place my cursor in one part of a word (function name, whatever), but not in another part of that same word.
if (options.lineNumbers) this.lineNumbers = addLineNumberDiv(div, options.firstLineNumber);
I have made the parts I cannot click red.
I can get there with arrow keys, and I can select it, but not click inside those red selected parts to place the cusrsor inside it.

It makes no sense to me whatsoever... so any help would be much appreciated. Is it a bug? Or some setting?

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Hi there,

I can be wrong, but as far as I remember right now it has something to do with some invisible elements (hint boxes IIRC) that are still there for some reason (just invisible) and I think simple restart should help here. Try searching the Issue Tracker -- maybe you will be more lucky than me.

I found only these right now, but there still may be other:

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Do you use soft wraps / custom plugins?


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