When will PhpStorm support Microsoft Windows 8 or how to get it to work?

I know that PhpStorm not yet are supportet by Windows 8 but only the following windows system:
Microsoft Windows 7 (incl.64-bit)/Vista/2003/XP/2000

But I have had windows 8 for a month now and I would really hate to have to reformate my machine back to Win7 because of PhpStorm.
I was hoping for a windows 8 update with 5.0.3 - but sadly not this time.

My main issue is projects with an remote server and file transmision over FTP. I get the following error after configured the project:
Failed to collect files: Could not list the contents of folder "ftp://path.to.server/".

The funny part is that this works on the same machine if i use Notepad++´s FTP plugin or on my work on windows 7 with the same version of PhpStorm - I have also tried to run PhpStorm as administrator and it dident help.

So my question is: Is there a smart fix for this or is there a new version of PhpStorm with support for Windows 8 on the way?

Thanks in advance:)

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Please enable debug as described here, reproduce the problem and report it to our tracker with attached log.

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova

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Thanks for your reply.
I found out that PhpStorm worked fine but that my network drivers were the issue - I got them updated and everything works now:)
I´m sorry that I did not post this erlier.


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