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I worked before with Eclipse and therfore I have this question: I would manage in one window more than one project in PhpStorm. How can I manage it? PhpStorm will open a new project in the same window or in a new window only. But I would like to have both in the same window.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

Currently it is not possible to have 2 separate projects opened in the same window. It was available in EAP build of v4 (or something like that, don't remember exact version) but then it was removed as there were quite a lot of bugs using that implementation. I think it is planned to be addressed again in v6 -- check the Issue Tracker for details (e.g. etc).

In meantime you can have something in between -- add second project as a separate Content Root (Settings | Directories) -- it will not have separate settings (settings from main project will be applied to both) but it can be used for editing the code etc.

I think you can have that if you using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate -- project consists of modules, each of them can be treated as separate entity (check this: ). I just unsure if it will work fine with PHP projects (the original doc is about Java).

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Thank you. I hope it can be solved in the next version.


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