Please implement a "Save single file" command

I know all the history about refusing to implement this command.

However, new frameworks have appeared, like meteor, where saving all files at once can break the server. The use case I have is very simple:

1. I use the meteor framework, which does hot code pushes, autorefreshing the server and client code on file save.
2. I'm editing one file, but I'm not done making a change (the JavaScript code wouldn't compile if ran). So I don't want to save that file yet, because meteor would push it, and break the app. For that reason, I've disabled autosave.
3. In the meantime, I want to test something else, so I edit another file from the web app, and save it.

The problem is that the first file, with the incomplete code, is also saved, and meteor will push it, breaking the app.

What I suggest will agree with the current majority opinion that all files should be saved:

1. Keep the current behavior - all files are saved when pressing Ctrl+S.
2. Implement a command to save only the current file.

In the majority of cases, users will press Ctrl+S, or will just have autosave enabled.

In my case, I will add a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S to save the current file.

Everyone is happy.

Please implement this. I've raised the issue at - anyone else who would like this command, please vote for it.

Thank you.

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