preprocessing support and phph and auto reload change on the browser

1) Does phph storm support HTML ( HAml  JAde Zen) and CSS ( Less Sass Compass)  without need to  touch the browser  ( clik for rendering) . I test other IDE  compatible with Less code using on the client (simplLESS) and less.js on the server side and all work for css ( all differents browsers reload the css every predefine period of time ( 2 second ? ) . Does the technology use in phpstrom update the rendering page event ( javascripts, image,  html tag content) change ? Does the technology use to update the page without touch the browser(after configure it once ) is specific of phpstorm ( implemented by phpstorm team) or could be achieve without phpstorm.... I mean like less test i ve done without phpstorm.  Shure i ll test html side preprocessing now but some insight ll be helpfull .  2) Is there a way that when php code change that the CMS process the new file or tell to phphstorm to  update the rendering on all the client ( browser ) that use this file ( compoment) in it web page ( pull from the server not push / click from the client vehind the browser)   ? for example change menu code ll update the all page  that  contain this compoment . ...3) does phpstorm support not insert div and /div in the same line but  div around  another hmlt tag element ? <a></a> in sert b tag <b>  before a tag  put after the a tag  end  a b tag ( </b> )  at the end of th </a> tag   so we have <b> <a> </a>  </b> ( a can contain many other tag ) <4 ) does phpstorm support delete only div around another html tag ?  <a> <b><c></c> </b> <a/> => select a ( start end )  and delete thoses a tags without delete the b and c code  tag ?  5) does html preprocessing wotk with php code ? can i mix in the same file php code  and  haml jade or zen syntax ?  thank's

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in a way use html preprocessing is a way to put tag in the beginning and in the end of a tag by only write code at one location ( before the start tag to embedding ).
Does snippet can be write using  css , zen syntax ?
I am a newbie so Does Zen  preprocessing generate a new external file ( .php or .html) like less ( .less to .css)  or does the change apply in the same file ?


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