Problem in syncronization with remote server

I have setup a remote project and I'm working on it from two different computers.

The project files are on a windows mapped drive.

When I open the project on the second computer, after doing changes from the first, phpstorm tell me that the file needs to be syncronized for every file I open.
If i click on merge the warning disappears and the log says

[11/10/12 23.23] Merging 'E:\Utenti\daniele\web\test.html' with 'y:\websites\web\test.html'
[11/10/12 23.23] Equal content. Just making revision

I have tried to do a "Sync with deployed" operation but it says that the files are identical and does not do anything.

As the problem is probably caused by timestamps is it possible to change the sync with deployed so it adjusts the timestamps if the files are identical?


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Hello Daniel,

There are two ways of comparing files. First one is by size and timestamp. Second one is by content.
The way used for checking in editors is set in Tools | Deployment | Options | Warn when uploading over newer file. The way used in Sync ... action is set in sync dialog.

About message: when IDE checks if remote file was changed, it compares it with revision IDE stores each upload and download. Separate IDEs store separate revision, so, second one does not know anything about previous upload. So it sees remote file changed, tries to merge it with local, sees they are identical and just create new revision to state that current file content is what we want.
Hope this clears situation.

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova

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Hello Elena,
the comparison method is set to content in both places.

What I'm thinking is that the when I do the "Sync with deployed" operation it should mark the local files as updated if they are identical to the server verison and not show the merge button.

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Looks like a bug. Could you please collect logs like described here and attach them here or create an issue at youtrack?

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Here is the log.
I opened the project, done a sync with remote that said that everything is up to date  and then opened one of the files and got the message that the file needs to be syncronized.

Reading the log I noticed some things

1) The directory that I synchronized contains 10 files; it seems that the ide reads them a lot of times while synchronizing them
2) I don't see anything related to the open/merge of the file after synchronization. Do I have to add some other category in the logging configuration? I added
   <category name="com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment">
       <priority value="DEBUG"/>

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Any news on this problem ?


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