run button in phpstorm does not work

I'm making an attempt to debug the project (not on index.php) is a system returns an error: Can not find PHPUnit in include path (C: \ xampp \ php \ pear).
This directory is in that location. I have Xampp server on the workstation.
Maybe someone has seen this problem.

How to make phpstorm debugging it to be used. Htaccess file.

my edit configuration:

I run it like this:


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Hi there,

1. I see no picture at all

2. I guess you misunderstanding a bit how Run/Debug buttons work. It is not to run/debug currently active file, but to run selected configuration (that drop down box just on the left).

3. You are trying to execute PHPUnit test. Based on the description you need something else.

  • Go to "Run | Edit Configurations..."
  • You should find what you are currently trying to run there, and it will be of "PHPUnit" type
  • What you need -- is to create entry of one of the following types (depends on what exactly you are trying to debug):
    • "PHP Script" (for running/debugging local scripts in CLI mode)
    • "PHP Remote Debug" (for initiating actual debug session from browser via special browser extension or
    • "PHP Web Application" (for launching that URL in browser and starting debug session)

I suggest checking this link -- especially the last article/manual -- this should be enough for debugging most websites, especially when running on completely local server:


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