Benefit of getting WebStorm in addition to other JetBrains web IDE?

I've been a faithful user of one of JetBrains' web IDEs for two years and am currently working a lot with JavaScript, both on the client-side and with Node.JS.

Previously I have been using the relevant plugins for my IDE, but after reading through the WebStorm tour, its JS support seems to be far superior.

I am aware that IntelliJ IDEA is frequently recommended as a multi-language solution, but it seems overkill for my use case.

Is there a benefit in getting WebStorm in addition to an existing JetBrains IDE? Can I use multiple JetBrains IDEs for the same project (read: will I run into issues if I frequently switch between the two IDEs on the same project and physical project folder)?

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Hi, Alan!
Which of our IDEs do you mean by "other JetBrains web IDE"?
IDE for which programming languages do you need?
Maybe does it make sense for you to use Intellij IDEA Ultimate Edition?

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I'm currently using PyCharm. It seems that WebStorm carries a few plugins that are not available for PyCharm (AFAICT the cucumber and ASP plugins are in this category), but I may be mistaken.

IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate) seems like the obvious answer, but it seems to focus too much on Java as a first-class citizen, which is simply irrelevant for my purposes.


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