Can some one tell me : am I crazy or is phpstorm's code inspector BUGGED ???

I am a very, very calm person. I rarely get irritated. For the last 2  hours due to a missing semicolon ?! (OR NOT), i am going crazy.

Please can some one tell me where is the error ? I am working on a codeigniter application, i re-did the whole model once again, and i get random errors like this expected semicolon. Can someone tellme where am i wrong or where to download a better phpstorm version?

Thanks, Chris



Hi Marian,

This is not code inspector issue -- it's error marker that got stuck/not cleared for some reason. It's a known issue -- for example or

Try deleting (cut to clipboard) that method completely, make some small change (like add an empty line and paste it back (or write again) -- should help. PhpStorm restart will do as well.


So, it's a bug... it got fixed somehow, i deleted whole model, rewrote some bits, and that error marker derived from semicolon to ) or }...

The bad thing is that the autocomplete ceases to work in this situation, and i have trusted too much the phpstorm to think it's his fault... spent the last 2 hours trying to fix issue / code, rewrote most of it... I also had no error reporting on the server, and got some blank pages, that made me more confuse. The client installed apache and php on his own, and didn't do a very good job...

Thanks for the answer! I am going to sleep now, i go to sleep at 4am again... sigh :|



having the same problem, but seams to be a "bit" problematic to rewrite my PHP code every time I need to use a semicolon. Also new \DateTime seams to be a error for some reason.


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