[Newbie] Can I avoid automatic saving of files

I'm new at the JetBrains tools, but it seems that every time I make a change in a file, it gets automatically saved without me having to save it explicitly. Is there a way to avoid this, since it is very confusing to me?


PS: I'm on Mac OS X


Hello Getousae,

Uncheck 'Save files os frame deactivation' and 'Save files automatically if application is idle' checkboxes at File | Settings | General pane.


PS You can use search over the configuration options if you start typing when the dialog opens.


This is not working for me. I have all the options unchecked, but it's still autosaving every few
seconds in 1.0.2.


AutoSave can't be turned off.
It is a design feature that the developers feel very strongly about.

If it helps, I can say that I agree with your perspective and have asked for this to be removed as well, but at the same time have grown used to the feature and find its not that big a deal anymore.
most of the time it helps - it saves me a keystroke when jumping back and forth to the browser, and I'm sure it's saved me a few times when the IDE has crashed (I generally run the beta versions to get the latest features)

There is a feature built into PHPStorm & Webstorm so that you can review/revert all changes you've made, this is in addition to any external source control such as Subversion or GIT that you may choose to use. The built in feature is always on, and does not require any configuration, it also works across multiple reboots of the IDE/OS - in other words, it's not only good for that session - you can go back several days if needed..  This can be handy for reviewing what changed if you think you may have accidentally modified a file.

If there is one behavior I have changed, it is that I don't leave PHPStorm up on my Computer when I walk away - that way if a child comes up and bangs on the keyboard, I don't have to worry about it.


Thanks. I was afraid that was the case. I do use both Git and SVN regularly but no other editor I have ever used insisted that it knew more about when I want to save than I did.

I see that "reload from disk" will revert all changes even if the file is closed as long as you haven't explicitly saved it and that Local History is a great feature. That said, I have a deep philosophical aversion to tools that want to dictate my workflow. I'm sure many users are not even considering this product once they see there is literally no way for them to control when a file is saved.

It seems (I can't think of a better term) arrogant for a product to deny users the opportunity to use a workflow that has served them well for many years, not to mention foolhardy from a marketing standpoint.

I like it when editors come up with great new features, but forcing me to use them seems a little much. ;)



  I see where you are coming from and feel much the same way.

  That said, like I said before, it was a minor adjustment to my workflow.

  If you're new to jetbrains, it might be worth pointing out that while they are very stubborn regarding the save feature, I've seen them be extremely receptive and responsive to other ideas.

  In fact, I think they are the only group I know of that allows/encourages users to submit and vote on bugs/enhancements directly on their bug track system.

  Additionally, the support I have received from them has been world class - including multiple emails during off hours on the weekend.

  For me, I like the editor much more than netbeans or eclipse, and found it much easier to get PHP Debugging going. I believe it is also licensed cross-platform, which is a plus as I have both Mac and Windows Machines. I've found countless other little things that have made me a better developer.

Hopefully you'll give it enough of a try to see if it suits you.


I'll definitely give it a chance.

I'm very fond of NuSphere's PhpED, which is extremely good except that is has no macro record (in fact, no real macros unless you write them yourself in PHP).  On the up side, it loads in a flash.

Both PhpStorm and NetBeans seem to take forever to load.

Strangely, the one feature I'd really love to have in an editor is reformatting of extended block comments to fit a given margin along with automatic wrapping inside the margin while entering the comment. I haven't found anything that works for this in any editor. There may be a way to do it in PhpStorm, but I haven't found it. It will show me the right margin, but it doesn't seem to want to wrap anything there.

Thanks for all the information.



Hi Bob,

automatic wrapping inside the margin while entering the comment

File | Settings | Code Style | General --> "Wrap when typing reaches right margin" (I'm refering to PhpStorm v2). This will affect not only comments, but PHP code as well.

I haven't found anything that works for this in any editor

SlickEdit definitely has it: http://www.slickedit.com/demo/high/CommentWrapping/CommentWrapping.html. Create a feature request here on tracker and PhpStorm may also have this feature in a future.

Both PhpStorm and NetBeans seem to take forever to load.

20-40 seconds on my 4 years old PC (Windows 7 x32, 2GB, Intel Core2 Duo 6400 @ 2.13GHz) -- about the same time as my Firefox with around 60 extensions (with Antivirus on). On another hand -- how many times per hour do you close/open your IDE? This app is definitely not intended to be used as Notepad.

Regarding macros support. I have not tried it myself (so far I can handle my workflow without using them), but I have read few comments/comparisons from NetBeans users (not here) -- accordingly to them NetBeans has better macros support.

And back to original/topic subject -- autosave. It's a natural first-time reaction -- because it's so different to what you have got used to do. After you will use PhpStorm for a week or two you will stop noticing this / thinking about this as inconvenience.


Ah ... the wrap feature is not there in 1.0.2.

SlickEdit's options look great, but for $299, it better do that *and* cook me breakfast.

PhpEd loads in 4-5 seconds and has most of the same features as PhpStorm, but I think it's written in C++.


JetBrains tried to make our lives easier with the autosave feature, but some times it works against us (I explain when below), and they should simply implement an easy option to turn it off.

In the meantime, there's a way to turn WebStorm autosave off for long enough - about 74 days.


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