Inspections run from command line -- output readable by jenkins/hudson?

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a coding standard for my whole team and would like to enforce it via phpstorm invoked by Jenkins/Hudson since we all use PhpStorm for Development. I know, there would be PHP CodeSniffer that could be configured to check about the same issues but it's not as nicely integrated with the IDE and will surely interpret the code from a slightly different point of view.
So my question is: Is the output of the phpstorm inspections readable by jenkins? Has anyone an example file for me?
I'm asking this because the inspections currently do not work on my local machine and I'd like to know if it's worth the effort to get them to run.

And the second question: will we need to purchase another license for the jenkins server?

(OS: Linuxmint 13, Oracle JDK 1.7 64bit, PhpStorm 5.0.2)

Thanks in advance,

Holger Segnitz


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