Phpstorm says uploaded but don't make any changes


I'm new to phpstorm and are testing the trail version right now.

I have a problem with uploading.

When I save or choose to uploade everything seems fine:

[2012-10-03 14:47] Upload to TestMag
[2012-10-03 14:47] Upload to TestMag completed in less than a minute: 1 file transferred (67,4 Kb/s)

But no changes are made on the remote server.

The site is as it where before. And when I open the file on the server wit WinSCP i can see that the file is exacly as before.

What am I doing wrong?
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I see what's wrong now...

The path on the server whas wrong so phpstorm whas making new folders at the wrong place.

Sorry that I didn't see that before making this thread.


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