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Since a few weeks I am a proud owner of a phpstorm license and I am totally happy with that program.

If possible, I would like to ask a few questions for clarification, for which I did not yet find any answers - I hope this is the right place, otherwise please direct me to the proper forum. Thanks in advance!

1. Concerning the global "look and feel" / workflow:

I am on a Mac OS X 10.7. I would like to have the possibility to open any html files (or any web-related files, for that matter) via right click in phpstorm. But there is no "open with ... phpstorm" offered, which feels a little strange. The option only appears, when I set the "open with..." specifically to the program (via "Information") and additionally select "Always...". But even then the icon of php-, js-, css-files remains white - the phpstorm icon is only shown in the right click context menu.
Is this  an expected behaviour or is there an chance that other programs (like Sublime, TextMate...) could interfere? If so, is there a way to repair it?

2. Code coloring

I would like to change the coloring of the "TODO" word (what do you call such a hint professionally?) in a php file, but can't find the proper place to do that. (Editor -> Color & fonts -> PHP)
Also, the comment-coloring for SCSS does not seem to work as expected for multiline comments (/* ... */) - they remain darker that single line comments. What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks very much!
best regards,

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Hi Robert,

I'm not Mac user, but still....

1. Windows version has the same approach to "Open With..." functionality. Thing is -- PhpStorm is full IDE and not just advanced text editor with syntax highlighting; it works around projects and not individual files (i.e. it has to have project defined in order to open any file in Editor area). So yeah -- I'm sure it's expected behaviour (unless devs can confirm otherwise).

2. Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General | TODO defaults

3. Nothing -- I see the same result with SCSS multiline comments (it's colored correctly in code preview area when editing colors but incorrectly in the actual Editor). I may only suggest checking the Issue Tracker and file a new ticket if no existing ticket in this regard can be found (yes, RubyMine project is the home for SASS/SCSS stuff).

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Thank you, Andriy, for your quick and helpful answer! Very much appreciated!


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