Live Edit on virtual host - not localhost


I use different vhost on my local computer for developing.

Now I named them websitename.localhost (websitename is the name of the real website - so all my local domains are "subdomains" from localhost).

So live edit works. But know need to name them not *.localhost - i want to use *.myComputerName

Is it possible to tell phpStorm, to look for a String like "myComputer" in the url instead of looking for "localhost"?

That would be very nice.

(and later it would be nice, to define the url for liveedit for every project).

Thank you



I'm developing on a server based in my local network, my servername is:

I added an fake server name, but as you can see I'm using the .local extension on my local network and this is working great, live editing is working correctly.

// T


Thank you,

now I use this pattern:


and it works fine

Thank you very munch!



Hey, this works for me too, great find!
However, I do find it a little concerning that doing something like doesn't work.  This chrome extension just seems a little too buggy for realtime, IMHO.


Hi Jim,

What IP assigned to your ?

ping should tell you this. Is it or something like 192.168.x.x / 10.x.x.x/etc ?


Hi Andriy,
The URL ping is resolving to which is good because that's what I have the domain set to in my hosts file. ;)
What are your thoughts?


It does not work for me with as well.

Edit your hosts file and point it to the "real" IP: 192.168.x.x (or whatever your local IP is). This works fine for me. If this will work for you as well, then apparently does not belong local IP addresses (treated as "external"??) accordingly to the devs.


Huh, that's pretty interesting.  Thanks for the info/assist!


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