PHP context help into the IDE

I am trying to find out if it is possible to have PHP language help from the IDE just like you can have with PHPED (NuSphere) where it will open a new TAB with the function you are searching help for - quite handy feature instead of having to open the browser.

Am I missing something and this feature is present or is this not possible?


Hi Ronaldo,

View | Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) -- needs to be invoked when caret standing on function/class name.

You may also be interested in View | External Documentation (Ctrl+F1) -- that's if documentation for that function/class/constant/etc has proper @link PHPDoc tag (vast majority of known to PhpSorm functions/classes is pointing to manual)



i am also coming from phpEd and have missed the direct link to the documentation.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of functions/keywords, the phpStorm documentation lookup doesn't cover. For this i have quickly created an "external tool" in the phpStorm configuration.

Create a new tool and fill the fields as shown in the screenshot (if you are not on a Mac, you have to set the path to the browser executable different). After that, you can select a php keyword and jump directly to the documentation in the browser by selecting the "PHP Help" entry from the context menu.



Hi Thomas,

That has been "fixed" / implemented -- it now searches for current element on if not @link provided:

Obviously, it works only for elements where Quick Documentation can be displayed, which means it will not work for keywords or some random text unfortunately.



i know that - but there are several keywords that just don't work with F1 or Shift+F1. E.g. "foreach" (i don't know a better example at the moment ;) ). Nothing happens when you want to lookup the documentation - but the external tool finds it.

Cheers, Thomas


Hey Thomas,

Really handy stuff - nice idea. I'm new to PHPStorm and loving it.
For now, the CTRL + Q is my new star :)


Thanks Andriy,
That's great - and even better that it is displaying on the same TAB - no need to click back :)

Is there any way to make the little dialog a little bit bigger?





How about trying to resize the Quick Documentation popup? It actually works.


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