XDEBUG - Problem


if got some problems with XDEBUG.

I use an localhost:
(xampp v3.0.12)

With Chrome (with Live Edit) - and sometimes I use Firefox

when I debug (I use an javascript-Bookmark: debug this page -


there are some Problems on some sites.

When I start Debug one of the following things happen:

  • I have an Errormsg, that the Apache is crashed.
  • Nothing happend (PHPStorm did not regonize, that i started Debuging);
  • I can Debugg... some steps, then Apache crashs
  • I can Debugg normal (that realy not often - )

What can I do?


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Hi Jorg,

What xdebug version do you use? I recommend upgrading to the latest version -- right now is looks like xdebug crashes and takes Apache down as well.


I would recommend turning off Live Edit (View | Live Edit) when debugging, especially when you editing the file when debug session is still in progress.

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Hi, thank you

I have updatet to the latest XDEBUG-Version (from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1), and I turned off LiveEdit.

But the Problem is still there.

I have testet with to files. One file with "easy" php - code, and one with a complex project.

When I use the "big"-php file, nothing happend. I click on the Java-Bookmark: Debug this page) But phpStorm did not debug.

When I use the "easy"-file, then I phpStorm starts an normal Debug-Session.

For me it's not possible to say, what exactly is the reason for this. I'm wondering that nothing happend (phpstorm did not go into debug-modus)

Is there a possibility, to see which Datas the Browser is sending to PHPstorm, and what PHPstorm i recieving (loginformations)


(I hope you can understand my english)

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Hi there,

What do you mean by "big project"? Maybe you are missing path mappings or something?

I would suggest checking this article (in case you have not seen it yet) and use "Stop at first line" option. Also try resetting PHP debug related options (like Settings | PHP | Servers) -- maybe they are not setup correctly.

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I had a similar problem a couple of nights ago.  What seemed to work for me is to just create a new PHPSTORM "project from existing sources".  Not sure why that worked, but it did.  Maybe because I didn't initially create a project like that from the PHPSTORM home screen, but did the menu-> 'open direcotry' command the first time.


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