I love Live Edit!

The new Live Edit feature in PhpStorm 5 is awesome! The best thing: it's just one button and it works! No configuration or other complexes actions needed, very nice!

I have it working in Chrome. Does it also work in Firefox or Internet Explorer?


Thanks! About firefox — "Google Chrome for some technical reasons is primary browser. So, in the near feature, only extension for Google Chrome will have full functionality (and new features will be supported in the first place)." (note: it is not official position of JetBrains).

Firefox extension will be improved (current extension for debugging), but not in 5.0.1.

Internet Explorer — I don't know about it, is it browser?, oh, wait... We don't have any plans about it.


I love it too!
But is there a way to have it work on a chrome browser on a secondary machine? I use synergy for mouse/keyboard sharing and I have Chrome open on a mac next to me.
So I'd like to know if there is a way for the chrome running on the mac, run the live edit extention (already installed there) and connect to the phpstorm on the PC.


OK! so It seems that I "hacked" the extension :p

So for anyone interested

Go to your Chrome extensions directory, find the omlgoegcnmiikfiapaelkaichppahfkm folder which should be the JetBrains Chrome Extension go to 0.3.1_0 (current version atm) open kotlin/browser-ext-platform.js
Go to line number: 379 or search for "JB_HOST: {value: 'localhost:63363'}" and replace the localhost with the IP or hostname of the machine where your PhpStorm/WebStorm is open.
It works beautifully :)

Edit: So it would be nice to be able to configure the Chrome extension to what host it should connect to, rather than having to modify the extension like this. Please consider it!


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