Breaking up long strings

Hi Guys, I was resdetting PHPStorm settings and in the latest release of PHPStorm 5.X and I noticed that in JavaScript when I refactor it no longer breaks up long strings
before i had a peice of code like this

var hello_world = 'this is a very very very very very very very long string that takes up a lot of space';

//would be refactored to this by PHPStorm
var hello_world = 'this is a very very very very very'
                   + ' very very long string that takes'
                   + ' up a lot of space';

Anyways it used to do this but I think I messed up the setting and it no longer does that.
Does anyone know the setting?
I am refactoring a lot of legacy code this weekend and this would eb so helpful.

Thanks to anyone
Cheers. :)
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I think there used to be an option "Ensure right margin not exceeded" which worked for all languages. But later we found out that it may break the code in some cases and it was left only for some specific languages. So I belive it's a question of putting the option back for JavaScript. If you don't mind, please submit a request in YouTrack. Thank you!

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OK thanks. I was wondering If I was going crazy or not. Thank you I will put in a request.


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