Would like to be able to configure ALL JSHint Settings

I've been very impressed with WebStorm. After a somewhat comprehensive evaluation of IDEs for use in front end development, WebStorm leads the pack I think.

The one missing piece is that we can't configure JSHint the way we need to. The WebStorm preferences GUI provides some options, but not the full set. The GUI only lets you configure 15 of the 30 or so actual available options.

This is a problem because we don't want to change our coding practices just because an IDE doesn't let us configure linting the way we want.

I suggest adding a text area for setting JSHint options in addition to the checkboxes. This way you don't have to keep updating the GUI when the JSHint library changes.
The predefined area is good, but it does not work for setting options.

Full set of JSHint options:

Does anyone know:
Is there a hacky way to go in and adjust the JSHint library behind the scenes?

I'm on Webstorm EAP 121.110

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Hi Eric,

Please post your suggestions/feature requests/etc at Issue Tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WI

Here are few tickets that can be useful (first two in particular):

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Hope it will be fixed in WebStorm 5.0.x.
You can specify all needed JSHint options inside JavaScript file in /*jshint ... */ (comment should be placed at the file header).

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Thanks Sergey, this was really helpful. I can limp along with a per-file rule block, but I really need this setting at the system/project level for this to be a viable IDE for me.

TextMate, Aptana, Komodo, Eclipse all support JSHint options fully.


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