Webstorm - ExtJS support

Does Webstorm have any support for ExtJS (auto-complete/intellisense, refactoring, and other features generally listed for javascript frameworks at http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/index.html ) ?

If not, is it on the roadmap?  When?



In general IDE support this features for ANY javascript code. This requires the source code of used library objects and functions to be included into project, and, in case of JS may work better with uncompressed (non-minified) versions of that code.


How should I configure said library?
The code inspector shows about 2000 items in the ExtJs Library alone (which I would like to ignore) and all of the references in my code to ExtJs are marked as unresolved.


Where is the best place to report on library specific issues? I realise this may not be the best place.

ExtJS 4x allows class alias names specified as an 'alternateClassNames' property.

However the inspector does not recognise this feature and reports uses of this alias as a JSUnresolvedVariable Error.
Is there a way to incorporate this check into the Inspector?

Thanks in advance, Lee


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