Trouble Debugging

I have set breakpoints, but when I debug it doesn't stop at them.

Using Firefox 15.0.1
Confirmed the add on is installed and enabled.
The URL that shows up in the browser is http:///

I have attached the idea.log

Thank you.

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Hi Michael,

1. Unfortunately your log is basically empty -- it has nothing about debugging -- just normal startup log, nothing else.

2. How did you "launched" this URL -- what did you did?

Generally speaking such URL suggests that you have not setup Deployment entry for your project (Settings | Deployment).

If you want to launch debug session from within IDE you need to use Run/Debug Configurations: Create new entry of desired type at "Run | Edit Configurations..", then select it in drop down box in main toolbar and then you can use Run or Debug buttons. There are other ways of launching debugging session (via context menu etc) but they would require a little bit more setup.

Sorry, I've originally thought that it was about PHP debugging .. but apparently it is about JavaScript (I guess) since you are using WebStorm.

This blog post about debugging Google Chrome ... but it is basically the same for Firefox -- maybe you will find something useful here:


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