PhpStorm 4.0.3 PHP Web Application Configuration


I've downloaded PhpStorm 4.0.3 and installed it.
As a previous v2 user, I am verifying is there is something I really miss in PhpStorm 2.

At first, I was trying to reproduce my current v2 usage within this new version.
As I tried to setup a configuration to debug a PHP Web Application, I've encountered a problem:

Looking at the help file, under
Language and framework-specific guidelines ->
  PHP-specific Guidelines ->
    Debugging PHP applications ->
      Creating a PHP Web Application Debug Configuration

Section "To create a PHP Web Application debug configuration", item 7 states

To have the debugging engine stop as soon as connection between it and PhpStorm is established
(instead of running automatically until the first breakpoint is reached),
Stop at first line check box.

Anyway, there is no such checkbox in the configuration dialog.
So, how can I start debugging whitout setting breakpoints explicitly?

Moreover, in v2, as soon as I start a debugging session, I can set a similar option to have the debugger
stops at the beginning of every script. How can I get the same behavior in v4?


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Hi there,

  • Menu | Run | Break at first line in PHP scripts
  • Also check Settings | PHP | Debug  (Xdebug section) for some additional options

This was checked with v5, but should be the same (or very similar) for v4 as well.

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Menu | Run | Break at first line in PHP scripts

Got it! :|
I feel a little bit stupid now.


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