WebStorm vs. PhpStorm/RubyMine/PyCharm

I was wondering if I am doing web development with PHP, Python, or Ruby, does WebStorm offer anything that is not in PhpStorm/RubyMine/PyCharm for the front-end technologies stack (HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, etc...)?

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Hi Ryan,

Everything that is available in WebStorm can also be found in PhpStorm/RubyMine/PyCharm/etc. If some functionality is not available (not bundled) then it can be downloaded as additional plugin.

The only thing that could be different is that other IDEs (except PhpStorm) can be a bit ahead/behind (since their release cycles do not match for 100%, e.g. 121.xx branch != 122.xx; especially if we are talking about EAP vesrion vs Release) and therefore some plugins may be incompatible (but the same is true for for other plugins, e.g. all new fixes/features for SASS will be available first in RubyMine and only then in other IDEs, since Ruby is a home for SASS plugin).

The best way to check is to install it and compare plugins and their versions.


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