Breakpoints in SOAP server?

I have a SOAP server which is written in PHP.  The SOAP server is called by the QuickBooks Web Connector application.  I want to set a breakpoint in the SOAP server code.   How can I do that?

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Hi Mike,

Have not done this myself, but I assume it should be pretty straight forward (it's still a php script at the end): configure debugger a bit (I would assume it is xdebug) and then use Zero Configuration approach to debug.

From xdebug the only thing (that I think of) that needs to be configured differently compared to "normal" debugging is to set xdebug to start debug session automatically without waiting for appropriate cookie/query parameter etc. since QuickBooks Web Connector application quite likely will not have an option to add such extra details to URL.

xdebug.remote_autostart = 1

Obviously, you need to make sure that you editing correct php.ini and xdebug is installed, enabled and configured for normal debugging (if you would be debugging "normal" website on the same location/server).

From PhpStorm point of view I see no difference at all in terms of debugging -- just follow this article (the key is to use "Listen for PHP debug connections" button):

You will need to have source files, files on server should not be encoded/optimized and proper path mappings in "Settings | PHP | Servers" -- usual stuff.

Other articles/manuals that may be useful:


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