The issue with Show Parameters window

I started getting a weird issue related to Show Parameters pop up window that shows some irrelevent info. Sometimes it has a lot of it hindering its usage. I did not have that before. I tried to invalidate cache but that did not help.

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What else can be done to reset the Show Parameters window? I am asking developers, please respond.

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Hi there,

Although I'm not a dev ....

If "File | Invalidate Caches..." does not help .. then I can only suggest to create brand new project and try to reproduce the issue there. If it can be reproduced -- please file a Bug report to the Issue Tracker with sample poject.

BTW -- what version do you use? Have you tried your project in upcoming v5 (EAP build is now available)?

You may also try to delete all indexes/caches manually (just in case) -- on Windows 7 such folder to delete will be C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde40\system (that's for PhpStorm v4)


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